In my childhood, definitions were rigid, even if my imagination wasn’t. But what reinforced these strict definitions were the images and roles I saw portrayed in TV shows and movies. In animation, a character is so thoroughly created to live and breathe, to empathize with; and these were the biggest influences of my childhood.

Our Summer at Nine

The end of a summer is always bitter sweet. Saying goodbye to friends we made, remembering all the laughs we had and looking back on all the amazing art we created. These last eleven weeks here at Nine Studio have been some of the best we’ve had and a difficult summer to say goodbye to.

Tomatoes, eggplants, carrots, strawberries, cherries, oranges, robots, and even Batman - it could all be found at Nine Studio’s section at Farmers’ Market. On June 23rd and July 8th, we put up our own art section at Fort Mason Farmers’ Market were kids were able to come and create with us.

Rules for Art

I was a nerd when I grew up. I still am in a way. I am a perfectly imperfect mom, lousy wife, lazy friend who never call my friends, and an eccentric nerdy artist who wants to bring a different art education to children.