*Around the World at Nine Studio

- Summer Art Camp 2019!*

Nine Studio is offering an exciting 12 week summer camp opportunity from June 10th - August 30th, 2019 for children ages 5-12. Each week we will travel to a different country to explore its culture, language, art history, food and much more. A day at Nine Studio begins with an open-exploration warm up activity or some relaxing reading time in our book nook. Followed by a morning meeting where we share our intentions of the day, schedule and the days upcoming art project. Each day includes process based art activities exploring two or three dimensional designs. Projects are executed both independently or collaboratively depending on their end goal.

Nine Studio is proud to have art educators that will guide your child in a Social Emotional Learning environment and create a relaxing, creative place where they are free to be themselves and create art that they will be proud to bring home.

Art Camp will include:

  • Outdoor time in the playground 3 blocks from our location

  • 6:1 Student teacher ratio for maximum support

  • Nut-free snacks once a day

  • Nine Studio T-shirts

  • Free early drop off (starting at 8:30)

Hours: 9am - 4pm



Within painting week we will learn about and explore the application of different types of paints. We will experiment with a variety of techniques within the medium and talk about influential painters from around the world. Students will work throughout the week on an acrylic painting and bring home a 16x20 canvas of their own original work.

Countries we will travel: Egypt, France, England

June 10-14 (Egypt) / July 1-5 (no class July 4. France) / August 5-9 (England)

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Our Photography Week is back by popular demand! During this week we will be introduced to the history of cameras, photography and famous international photographers. After learning about camera obscuras, we will make one of our own to greater understand the workings of the inside of a camera. Disposable cameras will be given to each student and processed to complete a week long project. We will experiment with photo collages, discuss how film works and go deeper into photography than just taking photos with an iPhone.

Countries we will travel: United States, Germany, Russia

*there will be an extra $20 material fee for disposable camera and film process.

June 17-21 (United States) / July 15-19 (Germany) / August 12-16 (Russia)

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Fort Building

During Fort Building Week we will learn about different types of forts from around the world. Divided into small groups, we will work together towards creating our own life size fort out of cardboard! Beginning with blueprints and planning then on to painting and adding their own special additions. This is a unique experience that allows children to explore their imagination, creativity while learning about different structures around the world.

Countries we will travel: India

August 19-23 (India)

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COmic books

If you could have any superpower what would it be? This week we will create their own Superheroes and everything that comes along with them! We will learn about the importance of storytelling and the history of comic books as we make our very own. This week will consist of lots of drawing, painting and other mediums to help show off our Superheroes.

Countries we will travel: Korea, Japan, Italy

July 8-12 (Korea) / July 29-August 2 (Japan) / August 26-30 (Italy)

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In Nine Studio, anyone can become an animator! We will cover some traditional stop-motion animation techniques that work without relying on technology. By getting involved in whole process of making animation; from story plot to character and background, children can understand that all of those characters in TV animation are not moving alive magically and can feel the sense of accomplishment ultimately.Let's look around some great artworks of artists who created traditional animations and make your own animation with Nine Studio!

Countries we will travel: Czech Republic, Argentina

June 24-28 (Czech Republic) / July 22-26 (Argentina)

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