Mission and Philosophy


Our mission

Our mission is to create an environment that inspires both children and teachers. We address the widest possible range of creativity and curiosity through creative arts, joyful play, and critical thinking so that children learn and grow organically by their own motivation. 

Our philosophy

Create the right environment

We believe joyful play brings more engagement and infinite possibilities to be creative. Children enjoy being challenged and encouraged in a child-centered setting.

Bring Children’s Creativity

We promise to make a connection with each child who comes through our Studio to help them investigate their interests and develop their own ideas. We provide wide range of materials so that children find their own approach to their creativity and become motivated learners.

Understanding Children

We believe each child learns in their own style and at their own pace. Children learn the most when they find their own interests. We are all children-believers and children-lovers. We help them to be themselves in most silly, fun and comfortable ways!

Incorporate Social Emotional Learning

We incorporate social emotional learning and emotional intelligence in our curriculum to develop a deeper understanding of how our emotions interact with others and the wider community. They will gain a growing knowledge about self, others and community through proven theories in Social Emotional Learning.

At Nine Studio we believe that the understanding of emotions is a vital component in a child's potential to not only succeed academically but also live a happy, fulfilling life.